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Born in the Amazon Basin of Peru to American parents, Philip Stoltzfus, founder of Heidelberg Hardwoods International, LLC., grew up fascinated by the unique sights and sounds under the canopy of the rainforest. Swinging from vine to vine while playing “Tarzan” within this emerald paradise was not an option for Philip – not with a stream of frightening insects wanting to share the vine.

Spending the first seventeen years in this tropical environment while his father worked as an economic development missionary, Philip observed that helping the locals better themselves economically could lead to adversely affecting the environment. He soon learned that these locals placed no value on their trees and allowed unscrupulous business people from around the world to simply come in and take their lumber leaving them with practically nothing in return except ruin and erosion.

Having a heart for the people and their poverty, Philip returned to his roots with a plan in hand to slow the rate of deforestation while bringing economic prosperity to the locals. Now, using many of the techniques of Fair Trade, he purchases lumber directly from the owners of the trees while paying them twice the market value in exchange for selective cutting. Only a certain number of trees and species are removed per acre. After their removal, nearby saplings are encouraged to grow by removing plant life that would otherwise choke this new growth. This is one way of ensuring renewable resources for the future of the people.

The mission statement for Heidelberg Hardwoods International, LLC is: “Bringing economic development to the people while preserving their natural resources thus providing a future for their children.” It is moral and ethical for a business to strike a balance between helping the economy of a people group and making sure that they understand the importance of preserving their resources.

Philip travels from the U.S. where he now resides to the area in Peru where he grew up keeping in close contact with the lumber operation. It is fulfilling for him to see the people of Peru grasp this plan and make it successful.




“Bringing economic
development to the
people while
 preserving their
natural resources
thus providing a
future for their


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