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Why do you use Peruvian Redwood?
This redwood is a tropical hardwood harvested in Peru. The wood is very dense and has high oil content that makes it geometrically stable and resistant to rot and decay. The trees generally grow from 140 to 150 feet but some can reach heights of 200 feet. A single tree can yield up to 20,000 board feet of finished lumber. This redwood grows randomly through the forest that reduces the destructive impact on the forest when harvested.

Where does redwood come from?
Our source of redwood is from Peru, South America. It grows in the hilly mountain terrain usually 700 feet above sea level. The forests are managed and controlled as strictly stipulated by Peruvian law for the export of wood and wood products.

Why is Peruvian Redwood new?
This redwood is new because up to this point it has been hard to dry. Due to modern innovations and techniques of drying it has become a stable wood for all climates.

Why is there occasional checking?
Peruvian Redwood is a natural material and as such fine cracks in the end grain of parts may appear and then disappear with changes in the weather and consequent change in the moisture content of the wood. Such fine cracks are normal in heavier hardwoods and will not affect the life or performance of your Peruvian Redwood products.

Should I finish my Peruvian Redwood deck?
Peruvian Redwood, if left unfinished, will fade to a natural gray over time. We do recommend putting sealer on the deck if you wish to maintain the “just bought” look. However, this is unnecessary maintenance and is not needed for protection of the wood. We recommend using Messmer’s U.V. Plus for hardwood decks as a finishing product.

Does your redwood deck carry a warranty?
Yes, please refer to the warranty section.







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